Our Mission: to increase bone marrow donor awareness throughout the community. Our priority is to educate people regarding the process, procedure, and outcome on how to save lives.

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Anatomy of a Logo
(Rockin' For A Match)

There's a rock in the road
And a ditch on the side
And a steep hill that must be climbed
It's a big heavy load
And it measures too wide
And a destination
That's hard to find
But I will get over
I'll make it there
- Melanie

The logo concept and design was inspired by this 1993 song called, "I Will Get Over" by Melanie, an American singer-songwriter.

Nothing in the logo, that I designed, is there without purpose or reason. Everything I put into it, speaks.

I thought, where do I start? How do I begin and where do I go with this? Frustrated, I slipped in an old CD and it happened to be this song that speaks of trouble and obstacles. The same obstacles and troubles that those with blood disorders and Lymphoma face in life that seem insurmountable and impossible to overcome but with just a little hope and with a little help...they can and will get over.

The song continues on to speak about climbing that mountain to breathe in heaven's air. I, as a designer couldn't quite find a way to incorporate a 'mountain' so I thought how to make or symbolize a mountain, I thought to keep in line with music and Rockin', I thought of a guitar arm so I made the "I' in Rockin' symbolize height as in mountain with the use of the guitar arm. It's the reason the guitar arm stretches high up.

Then I needed to find a way to simulate breathing in heaven's air. I loved that image - 'heaven's air'. I took 'heaven's air' to mean and refer to 'healing' air. If those afflicted could only breathe in one breath of that air…

"Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?
- Robert Browning

I couldn't quite find a way to draw heaven's air nor did I think it would be an obvious symbol without explanation. So in lieu of that I thought of star…light…rays of light…which lead me to ray of hope, star of hope that sits on high on that mountain top, high on that guitar arm.
Those who bare this trouble, they may not yet be able to reach that light just yet but they can see it. They strive, climb, persevere and work to reach it and until they do, they can at least keep it in their sight and it brings comfort and hope and let's them know they're not alone. There's a power up there that can make this all OK, some how, some way, and that let's them know...they will get over...they're going make it even when the odds may seem to be against them at any given time.

The font chosen to make up the word, "Rockin'" was chosen for its strength and boldness. The strength needed to face and overcome adversity. And it's in line as being a rocker's font.

The green ribbon is self explanatory. It's the symbol for blood disorders and Lymphoma. The flowing ribbon I drew, symbolizing the flow of life, whatever that flow is. The flow of life, it's happening, it's here, it's now and it's beautiful and we can't forget that, even in the face of adversity.

With that I chose to have the ribbon flow into the word, "Match".

The font used for "Match" was chosen for it's beauty. It symbolizes beauty in giving, in caring, the beauty in knowing you can help save a life.

The two meet and merge, merging from those afflicted into those who can give the gift of life. A bond is formed that lasts a lifetime and...beyond.

The guitarist that stands in the back of the wording was chosen simply to show how musicians who have chosen to donate their talents to this organization, its cause, are doing it and bending over backwards to help those in need. And it's also what guitarists do when performing.
With that, it is a reminder that may be we all should want to do the same. Bend over backwards to help.
I do somewhat understand the difficulty some of us may have in finding it all that necessary to do the same and we may think to let others do it, let others fill the gap. But the difficulty some of us may find in bending over backwards to help can't measure the pain of those who desperately need it.
It's something for all of us to think about.

When life puts mountains, landslides, ditches and detours in our path it sometimes comes to be that all we as human beings have to keep us strong, to keep us going is the hope of help.

And with that, that is the logo I designed for RFAM.

You will get over, you will make it there,

(Melanie Safka and David Bruen have not endorsed, therefore they do not endorse RFAM, RFAM logo nor are they affiliated or associated in any way with RFAM. Lyrics are property and copyright of their respective owners. I simply quote their artistic work to describe the inspiration they gave me and for that, I kindly thank them.)